Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sweet or Spicy?

I don't know whether you like your barbecue sauce sweet or spicy but, either way, we will satisfy you! In light of the fact Kansas City is home to both barbecue AND jazz, we have live entertainment scheduled--so I would say we both sweetened AND spiced up this event!
So call to confirm your attendance and reserve some ribs!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ideal Org Barbecue Competition

Saturday, May 10th we have a very special announcement and briefing about the Ideal Org. It is preceded by a barbecue competition where you are the judge! Or you can bring your own special barbecue recipe and be one of the contestants!
Barbecue starts at 4:00 with the briefing right after. It will be videotaped so wear your best "Sunday-go-to-barbecue" duds!
So you can see it is quite a big deal! The only question is: Will you be there?
Mmmmm, I can smell the barbecue smokin' already!