Friday, December 14, 2012

Something Big Happening

There is something big happening on the Ideal Org scene. You won't want to miss out on what's going on!
Tomorrow night is a big event with a special speaker who will let everyone in on the latest news concerning not only our Ideal Org, but where we stand in the wider scheme of things. The rocket ride has started and you will want to be in the loop so make your way to tomorrow night's Miracle on 18th and Grand event!
There will be good food, a magician, Santa Clause and much more!
And this is really just the prelude to the spectacular New Year's Ideal Org Evening of Wonderful Awesomeness! (my words, that's not actually what it is called) But it is going to be the close of a year of tremendous Ideal Org advances and kick off an Ideal Org year like never seen before! So you will want to attend!

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