Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twin Cities Opening

It was so busy and so much was happening there really wasn't time to post anything. But, needless to say, it was spectacular and once the photos and details are organized, I'll get some posts up to share the excitement.
Stay tuned!

Friday, October 21, 2011

New Ideal Org Opening

I'm here, ready for the opening of this beautiful, new Ideal Org. The excitement is pulsating like waves, flowing out from the new building so that even blocks away, we knew we were in the vicinity of something big about to happen.
T minus 14 hours....

Ideal Org Opening

We're about to head off to a new Ideal Org grand opening! You'll get to see the whole thing go down right here, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

With the Chicago convention behind us, it is time to turn our focus to our own Ideal Org and wrapping up the steps to bring it to reality. The Chicago skyline was impressive but there's no place like home. Looking north on Grand, the Western Auto building is a keen landmark telling us we are almost there- both geographically and chronologically. We ARE almost there--so let's push it home.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Convention Conclusion

As the convention ends, there's music, the Tech Sec of the Chicago Org sings, some delegates dance and there's a little bit of time for sight-seeing on the way out of Chicago.
This isn't an end of a convention, but the beginning of an alliance and a movement that will change the midwest. Powerful forces are now unleashed, operating in unison across the midwest with an unstoppable driving force to create Ideal Orgs.
Watch in the coming weeks because news will spread of the effects of this convention.
And may the midwest never be the same again!

Midwest Ideal Org Alliance

So here is the KC team that went to Chicago and helped create the Midwest Ideal Org Alliance. You will be hearing much more from this group, you can count on that!

Delegate Shout-Out

Here's a big shout-out from all the KC delegates to everyone who couldn't be in Chicago for this awesome convention!

Breaktime Huddle

A breaktime huddle outside the Chicago Cultural Center where the big question is "So now, what are WE going to do to make our own org Ideal- straight up and vertical?!"

Convention Activities

Awards were presented to top contributors to the Ideal Org. Lots of applause and raucous cheering. Cincinnati completed their own fund raising target; can you believe that?! So lots of excitement!
And then everybody was entertained by Jim Meskimen of Jimpressions fame!

Convention Seminar

Part of the convention has been seminars presented by very experienced Ideal Org makers from International Management and orgs that have actually made it to Ideal. This gives hard data and real-world advice on what it actually takes. Attendees are coming away with great tips and ideas to turn dreams into reality!

Delegates and Day 2

Here are pictures of some of our delegates at the start of the second day of the convention. So far, everyone seems quite happy with the data being presented. It looks like the consensus is an Ideal Org in our near future!

The Big Mid

A couple of comments from attendees as they start Day 2:
"Good morning! Day 2 of our Chicago adventure. Going to see 'the bean' and then finish the Midwest Alliance Convention. Woot woot!"

"I awoke exuberant about the Midwest Alliance Convention I'm at in Chicago. I'm renaming the Midwest 'The Big Mid' and want to welcome people who have come here from all over the world to help create a region without insanity, criminality and violence. Nothing like this had occurred ever. It is such a strong group!"

And so now, Day 2.....

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Convention Starts

First on the agenda is dinner.  The delegates are meeting, greeting and ready to start eating the excellent meal prepared for them.

Midwest Ideal Org Convention Starts!

Here are some delegates lined up to go inside the convention room for the start of the convention.  The excitement mounts and everyone is ready.  It's been a long trip but here's the payoff.

Getting Closer

Hundreds of turbines between Springfield and Chicago.  The delegation is getting closer and the excitement is mounting!  Can you feel it?

Stop at Hannibal

Had to stop at Hannibal, Missouri so you can see how big the bus is. Delegation is past the Illinois River now.

Ideal Org or Bust!

Here it is; the first look at the delegate bus with delegates excited to get underway!

Bon Voyage Midwest Delegates!

All the delegates from the Kansas City area have boarded the bus and are on their way to the Midwest Ideal Org Convention! There is a buzz in the air and the excitement is quite palpable. For those who couldn't attend, watch for news of the convention here. We'll get photos and updates posted and keep everyone briefed on the exciting goings on.