Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Wishes

Another briefing, this time with LRH's message to all those who attended the 1976 New Years celebration. I thought you'd like to see what he said.
"As you receive this message I will be seeing out the old year on post and clearing off the runway for 1976. Forgive me for not celebrating with you tonight. My own celebration will be when my job of creating this space for you is complete. Last year we said 'we're moving in'. This year we are saying 'we're here, we're in and we're making it!'
"This was the year we made Scientology familiar to the broad public of the world. And we delivered Scientology tech in the greatest abundance ever. This is the year you will bring with certainty of purpose, sanity and freedom to all mankind.
"Are you with me????????"

Sunday, December 26, 2010

So You Want an Ideal Org

It's one thing to say that having an Ideal Org is a good thing, and another to actually know it and go about creating an Ideal Org. But let's look at it from a completely first dynamic perspective.
Let's say all you really want is to go up the Bridge, make it to Clear and be happy. If you find it at all hard because you still have life's barriers, problems and counter-effort against what you are trying to accomplish--which is the way it actually is--you'll find that having an Ideal Org right in the neighborhood changes all that. Imagine having 20 or 30 auditors all there, waiting to take you in session. Imagine a team of 100 or 200 staff at your service to assist you in making it. Imagine going to an event where there are 1000 people all working for the same goal and you are now part of a powerful local force that can make it happen.
The bottom line is that everything you are trying to handle, every barrier you run into, every stop along the way, is totally handled by having an Ideal Org right here in Kansas City.
So hop aboard, be part of the movement, put your shoulder to the wheel, because this train is going down those tracks and the last stop is the Ideal Org!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas and LRH

I got another briefing about LRH and what he was doing at Christmas time.
In 1980 he was studying "the man on the street, newspapers and magazines to pinpoint society's precise condition. And he exemplified how every Scientologist should apply the tech every moment of the day. He audited 6 sessions daily, and in between he wrote, alternating his auditing and writing. And of course he still found time to give assists to people he encountered in the community when he was out on the beach jogging.
"It was at this time that LRH provided two gifts to mankind--the Success Through Communication Course, and The Way to Happiness, which he called "gentle oil spread upon the raging sea." He says that if all Scientologists applied just these two tools alone--giving others the ability to communicate and a way to happiness--they could change this whole civilization in every land.
"And so on December 25th, 1980, LRH sat down to a traditional Christmas dinner of turkey with all the trimmings, and then went to his desk and wrote the following. It is as applicable today as it was then:
"This is a pretty barbaric society. We have new tech. We know what we are doing. And we are, little by little and person by person, changing this society for the better.
"Somebody used to keep a record of the things in Scientology that were being picked up by the society at large and used. Most of the time they don't give credit. But the items exist. In the past thirty years it has become an impressive list. Currently even the psychologists are busy reporting coming back to life after being dead.
"We are having an effect upon the societies of the world.
"And that's why I admire you. You are in there pitching, doing your jobs. I know it is sometimes rough, I feel for you. But above all, in the midst of a failing society, you are making your weight felt.
"I am very glad that you are there. I am glad you are my friend.
"Good luck in this year that is coming. It is a year that is in your hands. I have every confidence you will do well in it. The future is ours."

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Peace

Got a briefing with an interesting quote from LRH, from a lecture in October 1954 called Axioms of Dianetics.
"Only when some violent politician can break down this knowledge that we all have amongst ourselves that we are all human beings...can you get anybody to fire a gun.
"All wars have to start with the assumption that is given to the basic populace that they are not fighting the human race. All all wars stop when they realize at length that they're fighting the human race.
"It's curious, isn't it? Their fourth dynamics come to life. Do you know that they had the awfullest time trying to keep World War I going? One particular Christmas they started singing the same hymns on both sides of no man's land, you know. And the next thing you know, why, people were walking around in no man's land. The next thing you know there wasn't a machine gun going for hundreds of miles. And the war almost stopped."

It was then pointed out that they trusted each other for a while, as LRH said, "On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth."

Just thought I'd share....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crowd Reaction

Gilligan is working the crowd:But it's easy to get distracted by the coconuts:

Moving Past Gilligan

Well, it's been a while since Gilligan's Island and I want to post the last of the photos.
Coming up the 11th is the Silent Auction for the Ideal Org. Contact the org for the data. It's actually a great way to do double Christmas shopping: you can get a great gift for someone while also making a great gift to the Ideal Org. Double Whammy!

Gilligan receives help from his shipwreck-mates.
Mary Ann gets thoughtful/dreamy/dazed/?