Friday, February 12, 2010

Golden Age of Knowledge

Coming up next weekend is the Golden Age of Knowledge seminar. The purpose is to review the data concerning the release of all the Advanced Clinical Course materials and how and why these are important for everyone to know. You will review the Materials Guide Book and accompanying charts to become familiar with these as a tool to locate materials you are specifically interested in.
This seminar is for everyone and is completely free of charge. Contact the org for details and make arrangements to attend!

Friday, February 5, 2010

In Case You're Wondering

In case you're wondering, there are several things coming up of interest. First of all, Superbowl Sunday. There is a Superbowl party wherein you get to, you guessed it, watch the Superbowl. There will be refreshments, friendship, lots of shouting, Superbowl commercials and, of course, football. All in fun and in support of the Ideal Org. Contact Adam or Scott at the org for more information.
Also, just giving you some long-range warning that we will be celebrating LRH's birthday at the annual event in the middle of March. You may have already started hearing some of the excitement, what with new Ideal Orgs opening up and the first round of completions on the new Advanced Clinical Courses and Congress Courses. So be sure to check out the data on this as well!