Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ethics, Postulates and Your Future Survival

We are having a seminar on the subject of Ethics, Postulates and Your Future Survival very soon with a special guest speaker. This exciting seminar will last for one afternoon followed by dinner. Attendees will get the tech on how to increase prosperity, drill the tools for increasing survival across the dynamics, speed progress up the Bridge and learn how to inspire others to get into OT action and help create a new civilization in this lifetime. Contact the org for details.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Advanced Clinical Courses Released

If you attended the most recent event or kept up on the latest goings on you have seen the incredible new release - all of the lectures from the Advanced Clinical Courses and Professional Course lectures! This totals over 1000 additional lectures and completes the task of getting the full chronological materials available for everyone!
Many are already starting on study of these and here is a win from one of those students:

"I have completed the First International Congress of Dianeticists and Scientologists. I am also on the second binder of lectures on the 1st American Advanced Clinical Course. First off, let me put in a quick comment about the materials themselves.
"When the boxes arrived at my house, I had my first cognition: man has been looking for the answers of the universe for thousands of years, and here they are in my living room. It was quite a calming realization. Next time someone asks where the answers are, I'll say, "Oh, I have them in my living room."
"In the International Congress LRH lays out the latest discoveries for the public, and does a wonderful job getting you to have a taste of the material, but believe me--although it is complete--it is just a taste. The Advanced Clinical Course is where it happens. The wins so far are phenomenal. For those who have completed the Basics, let me give you a stable datum:
"This is not the Basics. This is another stratosphere. But don't be scared. It is not a stratosphere of complexity--it is a stratosphere of simplicity.
"One win, several days ago I saw a Scientologist friend walking with a cane and limping in tremendous pain. His body is in the 70's. I asked him if I could give him a session. He declined, saying his wife was giving him assists and taking him to the doctor, and getting his medications. I let it go by. I read that LRH with this material could handle a cripple in a few minutes. Again, I needed some mass. So, I called my friend and asked if I could give him a session. Once again he declined. Well, I figured that I hadn't gotten my point across so I said, "when you want to blow the thing and get rid of the cane--let me know. I mean when you want to blow it!" He seemed quite taken aback and then said, "I want to blow it now, this pain is killing me. Come on over." As promised, I gave him a quick session and the thing blew to VGIs. Cane gone, walking, talking and cognitions galore. He was in shock, "I'm fine, it's better, it's fine, and I'm walking. Maybe you can see me tomorrow." "No problem," I said.
"Here is the point--from the course, I knew 100% what to do and what was going to happen. The pc said exactly what LRH said the pc would say and did exactly what LRH said he would do. That is a 1st ACC material in action. I didn't have a meter, just helped him to get comfortable for the session and took care of business.
"You want to know what all this release is about -- that's what it is about: miracles. Thank you to RTC for restoring the materials so that we now have our religion. Thank you to LRH for laying out the tech for us. P.D.

More to come......

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Incredible Dianetics Win

Here's an incredible Dianetics win, just in:

When I was a kid, my brother was who I always looked up to. He was extremely intelligent, he had genius IQ, but never bragged about it. He was very friendly and cared about everyone. On top of that, he was good looking and popular. We all knew he was going to succeed when he grew up. He was the type that would do great things, that is, until he went to war in Desert Storm. None of us knew exactly what happened to him after that.

But after the family's pained waiting and worrying about him ever coming back, when he finally did come home, he was never again the carefree brother I knew. He went to the University of Washington and got plenty of degrees, from the outside you could say he was “successful”, but that spark of life had gone from his eyes. He was depressed and got worse year by year, which greatly saddened me. Despite our efforts, he never spoke about it and after a while, we stopped asking. It was this way for years and years.

Then, right before Christmas, he and his daughter moved in with me. He was a mess, going through a divorce, money was tough and you could tell his life was nothing like he wanted it to be. I had tried to disseminate to him a long time ago but he was never interested or never found the time, etc...., but this time I knew I had to at least try again. I told him about Dianetics and showed him the dvd. He was very skeptical but he agreed to at least give it a try.

He signed up for the Dianetics Seminar and I remember the first day he went in session. He contacted an incident right away but kept getting interrupted by a strange ringing sound that he kept hearing in the room. When he noticed that no one else was hearing this besides him, he realized that this was the sound in his engram from an incident when he had a grenade concussion in the war. He had been badly injured from it, but despite this, he had to continue fighting as there was no time to stop in the middle of the combat. They gave him drugs to “keep him going” which had resulted in a near two week engram with tons of aberrative commands in between. He ran it all out right there and the ringing stopped completely along with a huge burden which seemed to have been lifted from him.

He was so blown away that he wanted to go in right away the next day. This time he contacted a surgery that he had. He was having a really hard time on this one and kept getting tired until he realized that he was hearing the words “wake up, wake up” over and over in his head. He realized that this was the phrase that the doctor kept saying to him, it seemed like he had run it out but then the incident did not lift! No new data was coming up until....he realized that there was an earlier similar incident and despite the fact that he never believed in “past life stuff” before, he suddenly knew without a single doubt that he had lived before, recalling with exact detail the incident where someone was telling him hysterically to “wake up” when he never did.

We were crying and laughing together when he told me all of this. It all made sense as when he was a kid, I would try to wake him up and he would get very upset, but that had all gone away. Now he is totally himself again, up-tone and excited about life, like he was when he was younger! Immediately after this he pulled in an awesome job making tons of money.

Just the other day he came up to me and said he is going to go Clear and that even though he got this new job, he decided he wants to be a professional Dianetics Auditor and join staff! Dianetics got my brother on the Bridge and after so long trying to help him, he is now a Scientologist. What a miracle for Christmas, LRH was right, we hold the true spirit of Christmas, giving to our fellow man and saving beings! Thank you COB for getting the tech pure so he could have these wins! And thank you so much LRH for giving me my brother back! S.R.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Event

The New Year's event was everything I expected and more. There were several points in the presentation where I felt quite moved by the amount of positive effects we are creating around the world. Most significant were the presentations on the Volunteer Ministers and Applied Scholastics.
If you weren't able to attend at any of the locations we had set up (several around the midwest), contact us for a special showing in the org.
The releases were absolutely spectacular! Even knowing what was coming, I was completely floored by the magnitude of the accomplishment!