Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ideal Org Opening

No, it's not us yet. We're making headway but we're not ready yet. But Dallas is!!
The Grand Opening of the new Dallas Ideal Org is next weekend and people are going to be attending from miles around. The event is going to be quite spectacular as I hear the new Dallas Org is a new generation of Ideal Org with goodies that none of the earlier ones have.
So if you get the chance, stop by the new Dallas Org.
Closer to home, we are still building our own Ideal Org and we definitely want you to be a part of the whole evolution. We have openings for staff, seats available in the course rooms for more students and a few slots available with an auditor. For my money, I'd say get on course because the Basics is where it's at and is what is producing the biggest advance in case gain ever! More and more people are doing their Basics and sharing in the wins every week. So stop by your local Ideal Org in the making and join in the excitement!