Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great Day on Handbook for Preclears

I'm on the Handbook for Preclears and the Life Continuum Course. Yesterday I was reading in Handbook for Preclears and the questions in the book triggered an old memory from 4th grade. I recalled what were, to my 4th grade perceptions, the coolest kid in the class. Specifically, Steve. Steve was a little bit slow as a student, but he was cool and he was the only 4th grader that had a girlfriend-Kim. Kim happened to be the cutest girl in the class which made Steve that much cooler. Next thing I know, my left arm started to hurt. Instantly I got a picture of Steve having a broken arm. Doing some cool stunt, he had broken his arm. Because he couldn't write, he had to have his assignments written by another student for him. Kim did the honors. All very cool (I thought). Next thing I know, I'm going out playing and I break my arm!
None of this was connected in my mind back in 4th grade, but reading Handbook for Preclears, it all came to the forefront of my mind, connected up and fell apart. The pain in my arm blew and I sat in the courserooom reading the rest of the book with a big grin on my face.
Interesting how one's own illnesses and ailments come from one's own postulates.
Just a little tidbit from Handbook for Preclears!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thought, Emotion and Effort

I finished the Advanced Procedure and Axioms, Thought, Emotion and Effort Course this past week. It was quite incredible! There was a lot of data on exactly how to be Cause, how seriousness is down tone and the only way to really win is to handle life as a game. It was great! One of the lectures is a great description of how LRH actually did the research into the whole track; quite an interesting tale.
Just thought I'd post a quick update. Been a great week.
See you at the next big event!