Friday, March 28, 2008

LRH Birthday Event

I got to see a sneak early viewing of the LRH Birthday Event (one of the benefits of being a staff member). It was completely awesome! The data about LRH's life was amazing, filling in gaps of his early travels with photos, diary entries and recordings of LRH recounting anecdotes I'd never known before. The new, upcoming Ideal Orgs are spectacular, to say the least. And there's a secret new org that will blow your mind!!
Not to mention, the free gift that all attendees get that really takes the lid off!
All I can say is, if you are planning to attend the event, great! If you are not, change you plans! You won't regret it! I have seen these events for more years than I can remember and this one is absolutely, hands-down, the best one ever!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Website

If you haven't seen it yet, the new Scientology website is completely awesome!
Check it out. Watch some of the videos. Find out what Scientology is about.
You'll find it here.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Step Closer to Ideal Org

A win for Kansas City!
Arla O'Connor completed her Class IV Auditor Internship and is now auditing in the Hubbard Guidance Center! Her board is already full and preclears are scheduled to go in session throughout the week to make their progress toward Clear.
Arla had the advantage of doing her training right on the tail of the release of the Basics and so had the benefit of that knowledge in doing her Academy training. Her internship went very A to B and she was doing a great job of auditing right from the start.
So not only is training itself improved with the Basics, but even internships go faster! So if you've been hesitant to train as an auditor, fear not, it's getting better than ever!
There's more to come! Attend the LRH Birthday Event on March 29th at the new building (18th and Grand) and you will see more of what's rolling out in the months to come.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Science of Survival and the Ideal Org

I'm now onto to Science of Survival in my study of the Basics. Actually, having already read all of the books, I'm doing the Science of Survival book and lecture course as there are lectures that follow the book.
The data right from the start is clear and easy to understand. While LRH recaps some of the data from Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health, Science of Survival is really a follow-up to Dianetics and is best read after it. But right from the start, you get right into the ground-breaking Theta-MEST Theory, which cuts through eons of complexity about life and gives you the real story. To call it a "must read" is really an understatement.

On the Ideal Org front, we had a "bingo night" fund raiser on Saturday that was enjoyed by all. There was more than just bingo and everyone was able to win. Quite popular was the cake walk where even the young (as well as young-at-heart) competed on a level playing field. Having had a taste of the German chocolate cake prize, I wish I had competed in that one myself!
But the real prize is the Ideal Org itself and the fund raiser was a success, moving us that much closer to getting the renovations done and the day when we have our own ribbon cutting and move into our Ideal Org.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dianetics Book and Lectures

I just finished the Dianetics Book and Lectures Course and have to say it was simply amazing! I've read the book a number of times before and listened to the lectures once about 20 years ago, but doing it all chronologically and with all the errors cleaned up, I found the material quite invigorating. By the time I finished off the last lecture, I was ready to jump back in the chair and audit someone, Book One style!
Factually, Dianetics is king! Dianetics rules supreme! The miracles that can be accomplished by Dianetics auditing are completely beyond compare. I've had many wins auditing Book One as well as the more modern New Era Dianetics and studying the origins of the subject just got me all fired up again!
The book is simply easy to read. And the lectures give great follow-up data to the book and two of the discs in the set are actually a recording of LRH auditing Book One and that, in itself, is a great education.
I'm ready to go out and kick some reactive mind ass!