Thursday, January 31, 2008

Want to Know What Scientology Is?

If you really want to know what Scientology is all about--read the books! Specifically, the Basics. It's all in there. The Basics contain all the data of Scientology from basic, simple explanations of the fundamentals of Scientology to the incredible data of the upper levels and how to operate as a spiritual being.
The best way to learn Scientology is a full chronological study of all the materials. Start with the books and add in the lectures as you come to them. By the time you complete the full books and lecture series, you will know Scientology.
Then, if you really want to cap it off, throw in the Congresses and you will have the complete picture!
I've read all of the books before, some many times, but studying the Basics has given me a new and heightened knowledge and awareness of the data of Scientology.
I recommend you do it, yourself.
There's more truth than ever in the LRH statement "may you never be the same" when you study the Basics.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Basics '08

So you want to know about the Basics?
The starting point for everyone is to watch the Golden Age of Knowledge for Eternity DVD. This shows the whole story--how the Basics came to be the Basics. Watch that video and you will know why the Basics are changing Scientology forever.
Almost any questions you could ask are covered in the video. So before anything else, if you haven't see the DVD, watch it!
Then, get to your local org and get your Basics. And start studying them. The wins of those studying the Basics are beyond compare.
Last night we had an event presented by the Flag World Tour and at Flag, where they see more people on the Bridge than anywhere else in the world, the effects of the Basics are quite evident. Double, triple and even quadruple speed in study as well as in auditing!
'Nuff said. I'll leave you with that and simply urge you to a)watch the video, b)get your own Basics and c)study them!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Basics Briefing

We got a couple briefing over the last two days about the Basics, the effects being created and what's to come in the future.
I can't really give you any specifics, but I can say for sure a)you'll really want to get your Basics and study them, b)you'll want to attend the upcoming events to remain in the loop and c)you'll be blown away when you hear what has been happening planet-wide from the Basics!
It is completely true that Scientology changed forever with the release of the Basics!

Basics, Round Two

The staff of the org have a program from the Senior Case Supervisor International Office where we are going through the Basics twice: one time through the books and then a second time through the books and lectures. I just completed the first time through all the books! Wow!
The Basics are fantastic! I have such a clear picture of the evolution of the tech, how LRH researched it, why it works, how it all evolved. I have had numerous cognitions along the way and increased ability to handle things as a spiritual being. As an example, while reading one of the books, I learned how a thetan handles the body, repairing it as a thetan if there is something wrong. I had an injury to my back and, using what I had just studied, I was able to fix my back so that I didn't have pain or trouble with it the very next day. I also used to have headaches and by using the same method of handling the body, I have been able to eliminate any headache that comes my way. In addition to those, I have learned quite a lot about this universe including a major, life-changing cognition about energy, how it relates to emotion, reality, communication and ability. Studying the Basics has been a blast and I'm already moving into the second time and loving it!

In the org, we had a Freewinds event last Saturday. A number of people are going to the Freewinds for Kansas City week and you should contact the org to get details about it so you can go too.

This coming Saturday, we have a visit from the Flag Tour with a great event briefing everyone on the latest from Flag. There will also be an auditor from Flag so if you need a session or technical consultation, now's the time!

And, if you haven't seen the release of the Basics, event video from July 2007, contact the org and ask for a copy. That's the event that changed everything! So watch the video and find out what all the ruckus is about!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008: Hitting the Ground Running

Now that we are into the new year, I have to stop a moment to post an update.
Christmas week was spectacular with highest ever completions out of the Academy, almost entirely Basics courses! With the extra time off work, public were spending more time on course getting the valuable tech from these courses and we had more people complete courses than in any time in the history of the org. That's got to be the best Christmas gift one could give oneself: spiritual freedom! Definitely hats off to the course room personnel who pulled it off.
Moving into New Years, we still had plenty happening with additional students in the course room, the spectacular New Year's Event, the New Year's party on the 31st and some other milestones including a staff member returning from Flag Clear and another going to Flag to do OT VI. So we really finished off the year with a bang and started the new one with a bang--all in the same week!
With 2008 now underway, it's time to set our sites on that Ideal Org and Bridge progress for all! Ready? Set? Blast off!