Friday, December 12, 2008

Ideal Org, Ideal Staff

To create an Ideal Org, we'll need staff, so check this one out, too. Bonnie has been around for a long time. He's still going strong. He makes a pretty good case for pitching in, and not everyone can say they worked with LRH personally!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Building an Ideal Org

Well, there are two subjects to this post. First, tonight was another fund raiser....not the usual, it was a silent auction. Lots of people came to do a bit of Christmas shopping and bid on some of the great gifts available. And the children came to visit Santa Claus.

And, as an additional note, to build an Ideal Org, we also need staff. We have some great postcards going out online as well as via snail mail. So I'll post them here as well.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Something Can Be Done About It

The Volunteer Minister's slogan is "Something can be done about it!"

No matter what a person is having trouble with, there is always something that can be done to ease the burden and improve conditions.

There is a wealth of technology available and the VMs are busy getting it to those in need.

Here are VMs in action.

There is a lot of free literature available and VMs at the tent made sure that anyone who was looking for answers found something that could help them.

There are also booklets available with specific areas of technology such as how to study, how to resolve conflicts, how to help children, answers to drugs, solutions for a dangerous environment and many more.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Assists Popular!

Of course, as we all know, assists are very popular with everyone visiting the tent.

Lots of people visited the tent in Parkville and got assists; in fact, it was probably the most popular service delivered there.

Some were merely sore from a long day of walking around the fair, some had more chronic problems and were quite thankful for the relief an assist gives.

But all found assist technology helpful and reached for more answers.

A large number of Volunteer Ministers worked shifts throughout the entire weekend so that everyone who visited got some sort of help.

One thing is certain, everyone who visited the tent now knows assist technology works and they'll be remembering the fair for more reasons than just the food and rides!

Friday, September 5, 2008

VM Parade

It's been a busy past few weeks with all the VM activities but I have some pictures to show what we've been up to.

After getting everyone grooved into what we would be doing in the next few weeks, we helped kick off the Parkville fair by marching in the opening day parade.

Here are some shots of the VM vehicles and VMs in the parade.

And heading right on into town.....

And letting everyone know what we are all about on the way.....

I'll be putting up more photos as I get a chance so you can see all the activities of the last few weeks. This is really just the beginning of a few weeks of activity on the Volunteer Minister front.
I'll let you see more pictures and also hear some of the stories of lives that were changed over the past few weeks.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Volunteer Minister Cavalcade!

Yes, it's back: the VM Cavalcade is coming!
If you remember all the excitement a few years ago when they were here, you can expect that and more this year. The Continental Volunteer Minister Cavalcade will be here August 20th to brief you on this year's venues and activities. You'll want to find out what's what because it is exciting.
The DVD from the last time they were here has been playing in the lobby and everyone watching it has been excited about getting out and working at the tent. So, if you want to stay in the loop and find out about this year's exciting Cavalcade plans, you'll have to show up the 20th at 7:30.
See you there!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maiden Voyage #4

I just got the staff preview of MV4 and I have to tell you, you are going to love it! Just the first segment (only about the first 15 minutes of the event) is completely awesome and will make you proud to be a Scientologist. Then, you watch each of the following segments and it builds on that!
The things coming down the pipeline to really handle the problems of this planet will blow you away! In the event, you will see how we really will be able to handle drugs, insanity, criminality, war, as well as the individual problems of everyday life!
Be sure to attend this weekend!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Being on Staff

First of all, thank you for the comments from Milla and Grahame.
I do have to admit, I had some inspiration that kept me going as long as I have.
In 1991, we had a staff member in our org who was an old-timer who had worked with Ron and even set up a couple orgs. His name was Andy Bagley and he worked in our org for 5 years as the Director of Special Affairs. Well, having been around a long time, Andy had lots of stories to tell. And one of the things he told me was "the first 20 years are the hardest!" This threw me because I was only on staff about 12 years at the time and all I could think of was "8 more years till it gets easier?!" In 1994, Andy went to Flag and was awarded a lifetime achievement award for 35 years as a staff member.
I did find his words to be true, however, and after I hit the 20 year mark, without really noticing it, I did find that it was easier. Of course getting more training and auditing helped, I'm sure, but also with that much experience, you really do settle in to a level of skill and competence and being on staff becomes easier. Not to say it's all a cake-walk, not by a long shot! But after a while, you just know that you can weather anything and it'll all come out well in the end.
And, of course, my main inspiration comes from LRH himself. Everything I've studied from LRH has been inspiring but there was one letter in particular that I still have with me, framed, in my office. Old timers will tell you that we used to write to LRH after every event or any other time we got the urge. I had corresponded with LRH many times, but there was one letter in particular where I was really having a rough time of it on staff and didn't see how things could ever get better and I let Ron know how hard a time I was having. Ron wrote back and his answer was so perfect that not only did it inspire me then and there to keep on, it has inspired me for years since. He told me two things in particular that had a lot of impact. The first, he said, "I do apply the datum that serious is solidity, which you can find in 8-8008 and the PDC." And the other thing he told me, that has carried me through some of the toughest of times: "The greatest test of a thetan is not only making things go right, but carrying on after they haven't."
And with that in mind, 29 years is a drop in the bucket and I will keep working here until we have an Ideal Org in Kansas City, and then we'll take it to Saint Hill Size and then....who knows, we'll raise the bar even higher!
Being on staff isn't always easy, but it's always needed. And there's no higher purpose or activity you can be part of, really (except, of course, the Sea Org). Speaking of which, go into your local org and see the Maiden Voyage #2 event and you'll see exactly what I mean!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


At the end of tonight's event, the Executive Director presented me with a special award for my years of service at the Kansas City Org. I was not expecting anything and so was completely surprised. What she presented was my own subscription to the Golden Age book package, delivering 80 books to my door over the next 6 years! I love to read and so this was a marvelous gift and surprise!
So I want to say thank you. First, thank you to everyone who chipped in to get the book subscription. I am a big fan of LRH's fiction and this was wonderful! I love it!
Secondly, I want to thank everyone. I've been on staff for 29 years at the Kansas City Org and I want to thank you for allowing me to serve you. In Scientology 8-8008, LRH talks about doing without having, in other words, doing without getting some sort of payment or return benefit, and he makes the point that when one does without having, it increases his being. So for all my years of service, I have to thank you because it has allowed me to achieve more beingness. I'm happy for your gains, and I thank you for the gains you gave me!

Stories from the Golden Age of Fiction

Well, tonight was "Fiction Night" and staff and public alike arrived dressed as characters from fiction novels. A large majority were pirates so it was a rather raucous crowd. The event itself featured never before released data about LRH's life as fiction author, detailing his career in the pulp fiction world.
There were photos taken so if I can get my hands on some, I'll get them posted so everyone can see the great time we had!
The OT Committee provided a wonderful barbecue dinner.
It was a great event and everyone had an awesome time. Thanks to all who worked to make it a great event.
See you next week for the final event in the Maiden Voyage Anniversary event series.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Benefits of Gradients

About a year and a half ago, I had completed listening to all of the Congresses and was working on all the other recorded lectures in sequence. I had gotten up to the Milestone One lectures about the time the Basics came out. While I had success in all my study, Milestone one seemed a bit of a challenge.
That has all changed. Studying the Basics all in chronological order has been the perfect gradient and now, Milestone One is awesome! I got through the first lecture and it blew me away! There really is a big secret under this big lid: no one really wants to find out and there are certainly those who don't want you to know. But it is right there in the Milestone One lectures!
I'm eagerly looking forward to the rest. It's like reading a good book and you get to the end of one chapter and you are so glued to the plot, you can't put the book down and need to read on. Well, that's Milestone One and I'm going on to my next "chapter".

By the way, if you haven't checked out this website, do so now. It, too, will blow you away! See you at Maiden Voyage!

Maiden Voyage Anniversary

Here's a video of the upcoming Maiden Voyage Anniversary events.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great Day on Handbook for Preclears

I'm on the Handbook for Preclears and the Life Continuum Course. Yesterday I was reading in Handbook for Preclears and the questions in the book triggered an old memory from 4th grade. I recalled what were, to my 4th grade perceptions, the coolest kid in the class. Specifically, Steve. Steve was a little bit slow as a student, but he was cool and he was the only 4th grader that had a girlfriend-Kim. Kim happened to be the cutest girl in the class which made Steve that much cooler. Next thing I know, my left arm started to hurt. Instantly I got a picture of Steve having a broken arm. Doing some cool stunt, he had broken his arm. Because he couldn't write, he had to have his assignments written by another student for him. Kim did the honors. All very cool (I thought). Next thing I know, I'm going out playing and I break my arm!
None of this was connected in my mind back in 4th grade, but reading Handbook for Preclears, it all came to the forefront of my mind, connected up and fell apart. The pain in my arm blew and I sat in the courserooom reading the rest of the book with a big grin on my face.
Interesting how one's own illnesses and ailments come from one's own postulates.
Just a little tidbit from Handbook for Preclears!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thought, Emotion and Effort

I finished the Advanced Procedure and Axioms, Thought, Emotion and Effort Course this past week. It was quite incredible! There was a lot of data on exactly how to be Cause, how seriousness is down tone and the only way to really win is to handle life as a game. It was great! One of the lectures is a great description of how LRH actually did the research into the whole track; quite an interesting tale.
Just thought I'd post a quick update. Been a great week.
See you at the next big event!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ideal Org Barbecue Update

Just a quick update on the Ideal Org briefing tomorrow: the location is changed. It is going to be held at the current org building in the courtyard. Be sure to be on time so you don't miss out on all the great barbecue! It starts at 6:30. Postulate awesome weather!

Monday, April 14, 2008

In a Word, Basics

When I try to think of how to put into words, the Basics, I'm somewhat stymied because there is no easy way to describe it without cutting to ribbons the full impact. I could go on for hours and somehow miss in communicating the importance, impact, causes, effects and "wow" of the Basics.
The easiest way for someone to actually get a good idea is to watch the Golden Age of Knowledge for Eternity video. This is available from any Church of Scientology at no charge. It's three hours long but worth every minute if you really want to be briefed about the Basics.
Then, the only thing to do, really, is begin studying the Basics. Chronologically. That's the thing that I see has made the biggest difference for me.
Studying the data in sequence, step by step along the research trail, has given me more understanding than ever before. Most of the books I've read several times before and, obviously, getting the materials in their correct form has made a difference. But following it in sequence has pieced together the technology in a way I had never conceived before. Things that I had considered completely disrelated are now connected and simply a part of the research line, flowing one step to the next. And having more relevance than I thought possible.
Tell you what. Do this: come to the briefing next Saturday, April 19th, and get the hot skinny on what's happening on this planet (what they won't tell you on CNN!). Then, pick up a copy of the Golden Age of Knowledge for Eternity DVD. Watch it, then get onto your Basics. Then you'll know exactly what I mean, and we won't even have to use words!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dianetics Anniversary Event!

Coming soon: the 58th anniversary of the release of Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health!
This event will be held Saturday, 17 May 2008 at 6:30pm in the Ideal Org building.
Watch for more news!

KC Ideal Org Expansion Event

Another upcoming event you will want to attend:
Find out how close we really are to moving into our own Ideal Org building for real! We may be closer than you think!
The event is Saturday, 26 April 2008 at 6:30pm in the Ideal Org building.

Current State of Society Briefing

There is a special briefing being held on the current state of society. It is being done by a representative from the West US continental management organization in coordination with the Office of Special Affairs to inform Scientologists about certain issues that you must know about. The briefing will cover what has been recently taking place in our society. The Price of Freedom has been defined at constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back. This briefing will inform you of those things you need to be alert about and how you can fight back.
Be sure to attend:
Saturday, 19 April 2008 at 6:00pm in the new Ideal Org building.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Catching Up

I've been away. Busy!
The event was, of course, spectacular. Everyone there got free copies of the new "Scientology: an Overview" DVD. The video is great and is perfect for giving to friends and family to let them know what Scientology is all about.
On the Basics front, we had a great week in Basics completions and tied for the highest ever. Plus, a lot of staff are completing their Basics as well. And Grade Chart completions for pcs. So the Basics have been taking the lid off.
I completed the Science of Survival Book and Lectures Course this past week. I had never heard the lectures before and they were great!
Basics momentum is continuing to rocket. Come aboard and enjoy the ride!
Upcoming events:
April 19th is a briefing sponsored by the Office of Special Affairs on the State of Society. It will be held at the new building and is a briefing you won't want to miss.
Also, April 26th is a building fund raiser. And you won't want to miss this either: we are closer than you might expect!
Stay tuned for more news.

Friday, March 28, 2008

LRH Birthday Event

I got to see a sneak early viewing of the LRH Birthday Event (one of the benefits of being a staff member). It was completely awesome! The data about LRH's life was amazing, filling in gaps of his early travels with photos, diary entries and recordings of LRH recounting anecdotes I'd never known before. The new, upcoming Ideal Orgs are spectacular, to say the least. And there's a secret new org that will blow your mind!!
Not to mention, the free gift that all attendees get that really takes the lid off!
All I can say is, if you are planning to attend the event, great! If you are not, change you plans! You won't regret it! I have seen these events for more years than I can remember and this one is absolutely, hands-down, the best one ever!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Website

If you haven't seen it yet, the new Scientology website is completely awesome!
Check it out. Watch some of the videos. Find out what Scientology is about.
You'll find it here.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Step Closer to Ideal Org

A win for Kansas City!
Arla O'Connor completed her Class IV Auditor Internship and is now auditing in the Hubbard Guidance Center! Her board is already full and preclears are scheduled to go in session throughout the week to make their progress toward Clear.
Arla had the advantage of doing her training right on the tail of the release of the Basics and so had the benefit of that knowledge in doing her Academy training. Her internship went very A to B and she was doing a great job of auditing right from the start.
So not only is training itself improved with the Basics, but even internships go faster! So if you've been hesitant to train as an auditor, fear not, it's getting better than ever!
There's more to come! Attend the LRH Birthday Event on March 29th at the new building (18th and Grand) and you will see more of what's rolling out in the months to come.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Science of Survival and the Ideal Org

I'm now onto to Science of Survival in my study of the Basics. Actually, having already read all of the books, I'm doing the Science of Survival book and lecture course as there are lectures that follow the book.
The data right from the start is clear and easy to understand. While LRH recaps some of the data from Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health, Science of Survival is really a follow-up to Dianetics and is best read after it. But right from the start, you get right into the ground-breaking Theta-MEST Theory, which cuts through eons of complexity about life and gives you the real story. To call it a "must read" is really an understatement.

On the Ideal Org front, we had a "bingo night" fund raiser on Saturday that was enjoyed by all. There was more than just bingo and everyone was able to win. Quite popular was the cake walk where even the young (as well as young-at-heart) competed on a level playing field. Having had a taste of the German chocolate cake prize, I wish I had competed in that one myself!
But the real prize is the Ideal Org itself and the fund raiser was a success, moving us that much closer to getting the renovations done and the day when we have our own ribbon cutting and move into our Ideal Org.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dianetics Book and Lectures

I just finished the Dianetics Book and Lectures Course and have to say it was simply amazing! I've read the book a number of times before and listened to the lectures once about 20 years ago, but doing it all chronologically and with all the errors cleaned up, I found the material quite invigorating. By the time I finished off the last lecture, I was ready to jump back in the chair and audit someone, Book One style!
Factually, Dianetics is king! Dianetics rules supreme! The miracles that can be accomplished by Dianetics auditing are completely beyond compare. I've had many wins auditing Book One as well as the more modern New Era Dianetics and studying the origins of the subject just got me all fired up again!
The book is simply easy to read. And the lectures give great follow-up data to the book and two of the discs in the set are actually a recording of LRH auditing Book One and that, in itself, is a great education.
I'm ready to go out and kick some reactive mind ass!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Basics First

The Basics have continued to rock with more completions, wins and case gain then ever before. Yesterday, we had a first in the Basics. The first completion of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course in the org! This monumental classic contains 76 lectures on the anatomy, behavior and potentials of Operating Thetan and is the tour de force of the Basics. The course has never before been available in orgs and that alone makes this significant, but the fact that you can now study and learn about OT right here in your local org and scale to heights never before possible makes the Basics the service for everyone!
People are coming out of the wood work to get onto their Basics and recognize that now is the time to attain Total Freedom!
The upcoming LRH Birthday Event on March 29th will showcase new Ideal Orgs and the key roll that the Basics has played in this. Be sure to attend the event here in Kansas City or at your local org if you are not in the midwest.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Basics Busy

Well, the Basics have been booming and keeping us all quite busy. I've been talking to people who haven't heard about the Basics and finding quite a bit of interest. The number of completions each week has remained in a much higher range than ever before.
There's a game for the staff to finish up studying all of the Basics books by LRH's birthday and everyone is putting in extra study time to make it happen. Fortunately, I already finished one time through all the books and I'm now on my second time through, doing the books and lectures courses. And I'm loving every minute of it! The successes that have been rolling in have been rather extraordinary as well. I guess the Basics just really struck a chord with everyone!

As a note, the LRH birthday event will not be held on the 22nd and is actually being held on the 29th of March in order to avoid any conflict with Easter. The event will still be the large, spectacular event that we usually have and there is much to see this year. So make plans to attend!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

LRH Briefing

Tomorrow at 1:00, we have a briefing about what it was like to work with LRH. We have an old-timer who worked with Ron in the 60's who is going to share stories of how Ron operated, how he got things done and, in general, what it was like to work with the man who wrote all the works that comprise the Basics of Scientology.
It's a short briefing, but you'll find it enjoyable and entertaining. You will learn some things about Ron that perhaps you didn't know.

And for some advance warning, note that the annual LRH Birthday Event will be held on March 22nd. You won't want to miss it! Mark your calendar!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Want to Know What Scientology Is?

If you really want to know what Scientology is all about--read the books! Specifically, the Basics. It's all in there. The Basics contain all the data of Scientology from basic, simple explanations of the fundamentals of Scientology to the incredible data of the upper levels and how to operate as a spiritual being.
The best way to learn Scientology is a full chronological study of all the materials. Start with the books and add in the lectures as you come to them. By the time you complete the full books and lecture series, you will know Scientology.
Then, if you really want to cap it off, throw in the Congresses and you will have the complete picture!
I've read all of the books before, some many times, but studying the Basics has given me a new and heightened knowledge and awareness of the data of Scientology.
I recommend you do it, yourself.
There's more truth than ever in the LRH statement "may you never be the same" when you study the Basics.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Basics '08

So you want to know about the Basics?
The starting point for everyone is to watch the Golden Age of Knowledge for Eternity DVD. This shows the whole story--how the Basics came to be the Basics. Watch that video and you will know why the Basics are changing Scientology forever.
Almost any questions you could ask are covered in the video. So before anything else, if you haven't see the DVD, watch it!
Then, get to your local org and get your Basics. And start studying them. The wins of those studying the Basics are beyond compare.
Last night we had an event presented by the Flag World Tour and at Flag, where they see more people on the Bridge than anywhere else in the world, the effects of the Basics are quite evident. Double, triple and even quadruple speed in study as well as in auditing!
'Nuff said. I'll leave you with that and simply urge you to a)watch the video, b)get your own Basics and c)study them!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Basics Briefing

We got a couple briefing over the last two days about the Basics, the effects being created and what's to come in the future.
I can't really give you any specifics, but I can say for sure a)you'll really want to get your Basics and study them, b)you'll want to attend the upcoming events to remain in the loop and c)you'll be blown away when you hear what has been happening planet-wide from the Basics!
It is completely true that Scientology changed forever with the release of the Basics!

Basics, Round Two

The staff of the org have a program from the Senior Case Supervisor International Office where we are going through the Basics twice: one time through the books and then a second time through the books and lectures. I just completed the first time through all the books! Wow!
The Basics are fantastic! I have such a clear picture of the evolution of the tech, how LRH researched it, why it works, how it all evolved. I have had numerous cognitions along the way and increased ability to handle things as a spiritual being. As an example, while reading one of the books, I learned how a thetan handles the body, repairing it as a thetan if there is something wrong. I had an injury to my back and, using what I had just studied, I was able to fix my back so that I didn't have pain or trouble with it the very next day. I also used to have headaches and by using the same method of handling the body, I have been able to eliminate any headache that comes my way. In addition to those, I have learned quite a lot about this universe including a major, life-changing cognition about energy, how it relates to emotion, reality, communication and ability. Studying the Basics has been a blast and I'm already moving into the second time and loving it!

In the org, we had a Freewinds event last Saturday. A number of people are going to the Freewinds for Kansas City week and you should contact the org to get details about it so you can go too.

This coming Saturday, we have a visit from the Flag Tour with a great event briefing everyone on the latest from Flag. There will also be an auditor from Flag so if you need a session or technical consultation, now's the time!

And, if you haven't seen the release of the Basics, event video from July 2007, contact the org and ask for a copy. That's the event that changed everything! So watch the video and find out what all the ruckus is about!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008: Hitting the Ground Running

Now that we are into the new year, I have to stop a moment to post an update.
Christmas week was spectacular with highest ever completions out of the Academy, almost entirely Basics courses! With the extra time off work, public were spending more time on course getting the valuable tech from these courses and we had more people complete courses than in any time in the history of the org. That's got to be the best Christmas gift one could give oneself: spiritual freedom! Definitely hats off to the course room personnel who pulled it off.
Moving into New Years, we still had plenty happening with additional students in the course room, the spectacular New Year's Event, the New Year's party on the 31st and some other milestones including a staff member returning from Flag Clear and another going to Flag to do OT VI. So we really finished off the year with a bang and started the new one with a bang--all in the same week!
With 2008 now underway, it's time to set our sites on that Ideal Org and Bridge progress for all! Ready? Set? Blast off!