Friday, November 30, 2007

Congress Ahead!

The silence of the past week and a half has been due to all the pre-Congress activities. We have been working flat-out to get everyone informed of the Congress, make all the preparations as well as keeping the normal production going. But I have to tell you, this Congress will blow you away! There will be the LRH lectures from the London Congress on Dissemination and Help, drilling, group processing, great food and ARC with all the people attending. So if you haven't already signed up, make plans to attend; you can still sign up at the door!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Wins as Promised

Just a couple successes from those just starting in the Basics.

I have progressively improved my state of mind through my book course Dianetics. Simple knowledge not only educated my mind in how it operates and how it could operate without inner conflict but has given me relief from a sense of craziness that had plagued me. It is now my eighth day since I walked through these doors and I feel revived and natural as myself.” — S.C.

Over my years, I have always had doubts and insecurities of knowing enough, having confidence in my profession. Even though many tell me I am an excellent teacher, that as a manager, I am appreciated and my staff enjoy working with me. After the auditing, I feel the confidence to speak up to what I know and my abilities. I feel more excited about life and ready to take on projects and put more into the projects. My real success is confidence in myself. That’s my Big Win.” — L.F.

You can have wins such as these as well. To do so, you only need to start on the Basics. Let LRH do the rest! The wins are there to be had and they're only a book away!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

More IAS Event

After the event video itself, the Senior C/S spoke a bit about supporting the IAS and what has been accomplished locally.

Included in the wins were Rob and LeAnn becoming Patrons of the IAS! LeAnn spoke for a while on how she and Rob came to the decision to take even more responsibility for handling the ruins of this civilization and what it takes to confront what needs to be done.

Then, others also stepped up to the plate and took their part in making a difference in handling the environment.

One of the things that people are doing is purchasing copies of the new paperback and audio book versions of the beginning books for placement in the hands of local merchants and businessmen as well as their friends and family.

You should go into your local organization and look at the new editions and get any that would be good for improving your own environment. If you haven't yet started studying any of the new Basics, you don't know what you're missing and you really don't know what those around you are missing! So check it out.

The wins have been quite incredible and I will share a couple of them on my next post.

And a quick PS--coming up December 1st and 2nd is another Freewinds hosted congress (yep, just like last year's rave event!). So stay tuned for more details about that as well!

Monday, November 12, 2007

IAS Event Photos

Here is a peek at some of the things that occurred at the IAS Event.

First a shot of the Basics on display at the entryway. Still as popular as ever as you can see here.

And the great news at the event included the fact that the beginning books have been released on paperback!

And you've never seen paperbacks like these! They are all high quality with laminated covers, front and back flaps that function as book marks, the same expanded glossaries as the hardbacks and audio book versions for each one!

So don't just look here; get into your local org and check out the new materials and get them for yourselves and your friends and relatives!

More photos and exciting news from the event in my next post!

IAS Anniversary Bash

Saturday night was the local celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the formation of the International Association of Scientologists and if you weren't there, you really missed out! Highlights of the past year's accomplishments took quite some time as we have been advancing like never before! Earlier inroads made into the handling of drug addiction, crime, illiteracy, war and the many other "ruins" of this planet are being widened to super-highways and the reach for LRH solutions to these problems is highest ever!
I will get photos of the local event posted as soon as I get them.
If you couldn't see the event, contact the org and schedule a time you can watch it as we have it on DVD and it is well worth the time.
And if you haven't been studying the Basics, you will want to get started right away. Otherwise, you will be left in the dust by the rest of the planet! No kidding!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Scientology 8-8008 Completion

I just completed the Scientology 8-8008 Book Course. This course was absolutely fantastic! First of all, this is actually the first book where LRH uses the term Operating Thetan. This has long been one of my very favorite LRH books and it is a very OT book. But this time through, it became even more so and my understanding and ability to be OT, and simply to BE increased tremendously!

One of my biggest cognitions came on my first day of study when a piece of the puzzle clicked into place and this giant jigsaw that was life took on shape and I could see what the end picture was. Kind of like when you've had all the outside edges of the puzzle connected and a big “island” of pieces connected in the middle, floating unattached from the remainder. Well, now it all fits together and makes sense and my understanding of the make up of theta and this universe surpassed any former comprehension I'd had.

Today, in finishing up, I had even more cognitions and started seeing how I really could create my own universe and how, if the mock ups I put out there don't do what I want, I don't have to use force to get them into compliance, I only have to throw them away and put out the mock ups I want again. Kind of a TR-3 to the physical universe and, ultimately, I win!

True to the title of this book, the infinity of the physical universe around me has descended toward zero and has little bearing in my life, and my own beingness has bounded from whatever depths it may have descended and is approaching infinity!

Many thanks to LRH for the literal answers to the questions of the universe and the key to spiritual freedom!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Basics Success

I just wanted to post a win that I had on from my latest Basics book I'm reading. The book is Scientology 8-8008. I've read it twice before and some of my favorite and most helpful data for life has come from this book.
Anyway, I was reading a part that I've read before and suddenly, several pieces of data fell into alignment, things kind of clicked and I had a broader view and understanding of how things worked in the physical universe and amongst people! It was kind of like this: you know how when you are putting together a jigsaw puzzle, you get the outside edges done first because it is pretty easy to orient the pieces. One edge is straight and then based on the color or image, you can tell if it goes on the sides (and which side), top or bottom, etc. So after a while, you have the entire outside perimeter of the puzzle assembled. Then you have isolated little "islands" of pieces that you have snapped together sort of floating in the middle of the puzzle, unattached but sort of sitting in the right general area. Well, that was sort of how things were prior to reading this passage in 8-8008; then all of a sudden, a piece clicked into place and all these separate islands of data fell into place and connected up with the fringes and puzzle became nearly complete and made sense!
I have a whole new view of how things work and the view is incredible! My perception of things has expanded and now I understand on a much broader range of data. I also stepped back from things and got a much more exterior view of this universe! It's kind of like life is a board game and the game board is really small--kind of like a 3" square Monopoly board and I have all the "get out of jail free" cards!
Needless to say, I am quite ecstatic about this and have had less to worry about in life. The game became much more a game and quite easy to play. I'm having fun and have been digging into the Basics that much more! I can't wait to see what's next!
Anyone want to buy a utility?!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ideal Org Donators Honored

Saturday night, a dinner was held at the home of the Marxes to honor those who have contributed to the new Ideal Org building. Exquisite gourmet dining in a very personal setting made the dinner a perfect tribute to those who have made major contributions toward building an Ideal Org. Everyone had a great time and awards were given to all attendees.
If you haven't been to the new building, you have a great opportunity in the upcoming IAS Anniversary Event on the 10th of November. The event is being held at the new building at 18th and Grand with dinner provided at 5:30 and the event following. You can see the building, find out what has been happening on the various campaigns across the globe and enjoy the dining and company of fellow Scientologists.
And then, don't forget the seminar on Sunday the 11th at 12:30, also at the new building, where you will learn to take what you learned at the event the night before and actually help change conditions across the planet.
The staff of the org are working hard to ensure the two events are enjoyable and we are all looking forward to you being there!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Basics

I just finished the Scientology 8-80 course and loved it! I have to admit, that was the one book I had trouble with and thought I'd have to be way up the Grade Chart to really understand, even after reading it twice. But this time is was EASY! The checksheet time is one day (8 hours) and I did it in 5 1/2 hours. The essay questions on the course help you zero in on key data and I came away with a much better understanding. The book is pure theta and really explains life energy like you've never read it before. Doing this course after all the others chronologically sure helped too, as the gradient was perfect.
Now I'm on to Scientology 8-8008!